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  • CNC Aluminum Parts for services robot
CNC Aluminum Parts for services robot

CNC Aluminum Parts for services robot

  • Process:CNC Machining
  • Material:Aluminum 6061
  • Surface finishing:Color anodizing
  • Qty:10~1000PCS
  • Product description: CNC Aluminum Parts for services robot Skype:penguin1991700

CNC Aluminum Parts for services robot

(1)All kinds of metal&plastic material is available
(2)High Tolerance: +/- 0.01mm(Metal), +/-0.03mm(plastic)
(3)100% inspection(offer QC report)
(4)Sample is available
(5)Short lead time (7-20 days).

2. Parts Information---
(1). Applicable Material---Aluminum/zinc alloy, iron, steel alloy, plastic, brass, steel, and stainless steel
(2). Surface treatment---polishing, zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, anodizing.
(3). High Tolerance: Plastic part can reach +/-0.03mm, metal part can reach +/-0.01mm
(4). Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Paypal & Western Union are acceptable.
(5). Packaging: Standard package/ Pallet or container/ as per customized specifications.
(6). Shipment Terms: Express & air freight is preferred / sea freight/ as per customized specifications.

3. FAQ---
(1). Question---Are you a trading company or factory?

Answer-----We have our own factory.

(2). Question---What`s the production capacity of your company?

Answer---Normally we can reach 200, 000 pcs annually.

(3). Question---How about the delivery time?

Answer---The delivery time will be according to the part quantity, usually the sample will need 7-10 days,
And part production will need 25-30 days.

(4). Question---What`s the scrap rate of the part?

Answer--Normally the scrap rate is 3%~4%. However, rejected part will not be delivered to our customers,
Every item will be 100% inspected by our QC department before shipment.

(5). Question---What should we do if we receive defective product?

Answer---If you have received any unqualified part, please show us the pictures,
Our engineers and QC department will follow up and repair or redo within 10~15 days according to the rejected quantities.

Thanks for your kind attention, looking forward to your inquiry and we ensure tip top quality products with the best lead-time being provided.

Equipment Tolerance
Centre Turning machine +/-0.01-0.02mm
Centre Milling machine +/-0.03mm
CNC turning machine +/-0.01-0.02mm
CNC milling machine +/-0.01-0.03mm
CNC turning &milling machine +/-0.01-0.02mm
Four-axis milling machine +/-0.01mm
Tapping machine +/-0.01mm
Grinding machine +/-0.002mm
Drilling machine +/-0.01mm
Electronic discharge machine +/-0.03mm
CMM +/-0.001mm
Projector +/-0.01mm
Hardened machine *
Height Indicator +/-0.01mm
Caliper +/-0.01mm


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Tel: 0755-81761976


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