aluminum surface treatment

1. Polishing: Overcoming the effects of deburring and brightening the surface.
2. Sand blasting: The purpose of aluminum surface treatment is to overcome and cover some defects caused by the aluminum alloy during the machining process and to meet some special requirements of the customer for the appearance of the product. There are glass sand, tungsten sand, etc., which have different feelings, similar to the rough texture of frosted glass, and the fine sand type can also display high-grade products.
3, metal plating method: more common, at the same time there is a treatment process after polishing.

4, car pattern: aluminum surface treatment is the processing method after the mold is re-processed, using the lathe to process the texture, the adult performance is a very regular texture feature.
5, rubbing: There is called drawing, the performance is similar to the car pattern, the surface is formed into a smooth continuous pattern, the difference is that the car pattern is expressed as a ring pattern, the rubbing pattern is a straight line of flowers.
6. anodize (coloring): The use of aluminum surface treatment oxidation is divided into two aspects, enhancing physical properties and achieving coloring purposes.
The above is some of the more common ways to deal with aluminum surface, I hope to help you!


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