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Found in 2009,Yixin Precision Metal & Plastic Ltd. has been specializing in CNC machining manufacturing for intelligent devices.Europe and America accounts for 90% of the entire market.Precise products and high performance surface treatment contributed to the integrative service and won us the consistent high praise from our clients.To meet the needs of our customers from abroad,we established the Robotic parts making department by the end of 2016  to provide specific and better services for the present and potential clients.

Intelligent robots will be a trend.To achieve popularization,every robotic compay is facing a challenge to optimize the design then reduce the cost,Yi Xin has the mechanical engineers who have over 15 years’ experience in this field.Trust YMP and we could provide you with our best solution to help solve all issues you have.



Contact: Penguin Zhou

Phone: 15013570839

Tel: 0755-81761976

Email: penguin.zhou@ymp.com.hk

Add: No.16-3 Songshan Western Road, Bogang Village,Shajing Street,Bao an, Shenzhen, China

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